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About DiChai

In Southern Asia, the word chai means tea. DiChai is so much more than "tea", it's a latte that is a rich full bodied drink full of blended teas and spices that reminds us to Relax! Enjoy Life! and Stop and smell the Chai!

DiChai came about sometime ago when my husband and I discovered the wonders of chai. We went to numerous coffeehouses, cafes, and specialty stores looking for a richer taste than we had found. We wanted something affordable and convenient, yet something that had a rich expensive taste. We searched the Internet, and found several chai teas that were good, and then we decided to start combining ingredients continuing our search for the perfect taste. One weekend in the Fall of 2001 we found it. It's aromatic, rich, full- bodied, and everything we had been searching for, hence the birth of DiChai. Why DiChai? My name is Diana and my husband wanted the name of our creation to reflect it's creator.

We hope you enjoy DiChai as much as we do.
Enjoy Life!

"Stop and smell the Chai.... Better yet, have a cup!"

All products are made with decaffeinated teas. Chai Tea Latte, Raspberry Cream Chai and Sweet Vanilla Cream are 98% Caffeine Free. Apple Cinnamon Chai and Peppermint Chai are 99% Caffeine Free. 


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